Debt Recovery

No matter how much money is owed to you, we are able to help you.
You may have exhausted all efforts to resolve the dispute, but the other person has not made payment.

It is important that you contact our litigation lawyers as soon as possible.
We will see to obtain a default judgment against that person, or if necessary, proceed to obtaining a judgment in court.

Depending on the amount owed, this may need to be obtained from the Local Court, District Court, or Supreme Court.

Once we have obtained a judgment, we will then enforce it by requesting that the debtor disclose his, her, or its (if a corporation) assets and liabilities.
From the available assets, we will then determine how the money owed to you should be extracted to ensure that the debt is completely paid.

If you owe money and have received a letter of demand or a letter from a debt recovery agency, you need to contact our litigation lawyers as soon as possible.
In some cases, communication has broken down between the parties and a lawyer’s intervention can help resolve the dispute quickly and efficiently.
If proceedings have been commenced against you in court, it is important to contact our lawyers as soon as possible so that you are able to file your Defence within the timeframe provided by the court.

We will then advise you of the prospects of succeeding in court and attempt to negotiate with the other side’s lawyers’ terms for Consent Orders, failing this, proceeding to a hearing.

Contact us to arrange an appointment to discuss your debt recovery claim or if you have received a letter stating that you are indebted.