Wills & Probate

For most people, a Will is the means by which they will provide for the comfort and security of their family or other loved ones after their death. A Will may be used to provide for the guardians of minor children and to arrange for their maintenance and education. A carefully prepared Will which sets out a person’s intentions clearly, may also deter a challenge by a disgruntled family member.

If personal circumstances change (a person becomes married or divorced, have children, travel or acquire new assets) they are advised to make changes to their Will, otherwise it may be automatically revoked or become unenforceable.

Making a Will is a specialised task, often requiring consideration of complex financial, legal and tax issues to ensure that the estate is distributed in accordance with your clients’ wishes. At Ayoub Lawyers we will advise clients on the best way to arrange their affairs and ensure that their Will is simple and easily understood. We will also advise regarding adequate provision for a client’s spouse, de facto partner, children, former spouse, dependents and any person with whom they are living in a close personal relationship.

There are formalities to a Will which must be observed – newsagent or ‘home made’ Wills do not take these formalities into account and are traps for the unwary. Companies offering free Wills usually do so on the basis that they are appointed executor. They then charge a substantial commission or fee for handling your estate. Having Ayoub Lawyers prepare your Will also ensures its validity – that is, that it has been properly drawn, signed and witnessed.

Ayoub Lawyers will also hold your Will in safe custody with no additional charge.

As part of the estate plan, we can also prepare Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship Appointment to complement your Will.

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